Technology Writing

I write trend pieces, tech blogs and company features for media outlets such as and Systems Contractor News, covering drones, videoconferencing, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and more.

Reactive Digital Signage: The Next Era of Engagement

Digital signage is coming for us all. Driven by technologies that make interactivity a truly two-way conversation, digital signage is evolving beyond its roots as a “push” medium. Reactive digital signage, spurred by near-field communication (NFC) and other technologies, is enabling the shift from kiosk-driven interaction to what could become the AV industry’s golden age … Continue reading Reactive Digital Signage: The Next Era of Engagement

The Unmanned Revolution

Drones may be a divisive topic, but one fact about them is inescapable—unmanned aerial vehicles present a real growth opportunity for AV integrators. Much of the talk about drones in mainstream circles centers on military and police applications, or privacy concerns. But consumers are adopting them for a variety of applications, and there is a firm link to the AV … Continue reading The Unmanned Revolution

The Experience Economy

Consumers today live in an age of experiences. It’s often not enough for businesses to tout quality, features, value, or even that lowest of common denominators, price. Increasingly, the emotional investment is king. Every computer and mobile device is a gateway to a galaxy of choices accessed through the internet and apps that embrace interactivity. … Continue reading The Experience Economy

Videoconferencing & the Virtual Workplace

In the age of the flexible corporate ecosystem, more than just the C-suite is jockeying for collaboration opportunities. And to make the challenge more exciting, the generation that brought you the selfie now expects those mobile devices to integrate with your AV system … Download PDF Originally published in Systems Contractor News, December 2014